Pathways to Excellence: Unveiling IPS Pioneers – Lorenna Salge's Expertise in Focus

In the dynamic world of life science services, Interpath Services (IPS) shines as a purpose-driven business with a standout Sales Team. What sets IPS apart? It's the wealth of knowledge within their team. Let's kick off our interview series by getting to know Lorenna Salge, Clinical Applications Specialist, who joined over ten years ago.
Crafting Expertise: A Journey into Clinical Pathology
Lorenna Salge, a medical scientist with a knack for Clinical Pathology, brings a rich background to IPS. With eight years in various lab departments pre-IPS, she's now a go-to person for leading suppliers Vacuette and Copan. Lorenna not only knows the products but can make them sing, helping customers optimize their lab operations.
A Role Beyond Transactions: Shaping Pathology Support
Lorenna's role, born last year, isn't just about sales; it's about being there for the entire customer journey. From decision-making to post-sales and troubleshooting, she's like the GPS of pathology support. Her Microbiology and blood collection background fits like a glove, ensuring personalized guidance for customers.
Passion for Project Management: Seamless Integration Matters
What lights Lorenna up? Managing projects with customers. From picking the right products to smooth integration, she believes in giving comprehensive support for seamless workflows. It's not just about selling; it's about making sure the product becomes an essential part of the customer's lab life.
A Decade of Growth: Close Customer Relationships Endure
Lorenna, in her 11 years with IPS, highlights the close relationships with customers as fundamental. Even after joining the Bunzl family, the commitment to top-notch service and tight customer bonds remains unshaken, showcasing the true spirit of IPS.
Navigating Challenges: Retaining Customers Amidst Competition
COVID-19 and increased competition pose challenges, but Lorenna stresses the power of exceptional customer service and clinical know-how. This winning combo, she believes, is the secret sauce for IPS's continued success.
Priorities for 2024: Nationwide Understanding for Nationwide Success
In 2024, Lorenna aims to be a nationwide expert. Her goal is to understand the blood collection and swab collection businesses across all states, ensuring IPS is not just a local hero but a nationwide champ.
Industry Trends of 2024: Automation, Personalized Medicine, Sustainability
What's on Lorenna's radar? Three big trends – Automation and Robotics, Personalized Medicine, and Sustainability. IPS plans to stay ahead by embracing these trends, making sure its offerings align with the ever-evolving market.
Industry Challenges: Shifting Towards Value-Based Care Models
Adapting to value-based care models is a challenge, but Lorenna is up for it. By aligning IPS products with these trends, she aims to contribute to better patient care and outcomes.
Key Lesson Learned: The Power of Effective Communication
Lorenna's big lesson? Communication is key. Whether it's training sessions or presentations, clear and concise communication ensures everyone understands the ins and outs of IPS products.
A Message to Customers: A Smooth Transition to Success
To customers considering a switch, Lorenna assures that change doesn't have to be scary. With IPS, it's about smooth transitions and beneficial processes. From the first chat to ongoing education, IPS is there for every step, ensuring your lab's success.

Lorenna Salge's journey showcases the heart and soul of Interpath Services. Stay tuned for more stories from the incredible team shaping the success of IPS in the competitive world of life science services.
If you would like to contact Lorenna or one of the Interpath team, please do so here.

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