How do I place an order with Interpath?

You can place an order with us by submitting your request via a formal Purchase Order to sales@interpath.com.au.

Please ensure the following information is detailed on your order so that we can process your request correctly and deliver goods to you accurately –

When placing an order with us, we require the following information listed below to be emailed to sales@interpath.com.au.

  • Purchase Order Number (this can be formally raised in your internal procurement system when a PO is generated, you can use your name and the date, this is entirely up to you dependant on how you raise an order)
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Items, Quantities, and associated pricing $$$ of each item detailed

(If you haven’t been quoted, please advise and we can have a Sales Representative review for you)

  • Delivery Address
  • Any specific delivery instruction you believe we might need to know about
  • Advise us of the method of payment

Once this information is received, we can proceed with processing your order in our system.

NOTE: Goods and Services will be invoiced at the prices prevailing at the time an order for goods or services is accepted by Interpath.

Price and availability of items? Or I would like to receive a quote for some items I’m interested in purchasing, how do I request this?

You can call us anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 03 9056 5300 and “press 1 for Customer Service’ or email customerservice@interpath.com.au for review and response by the team regarding pricing and availability of stocked items.

If you would like to be linked in with a Sales Representative to discuss products, product specifications and pricing for ongoing purchase we can assist you.

Email your details and a list of the products you are wishing to purchase to the Customer Service Team. We can then pass your details onto the relevant Sales Representative for your region.

Please ensure you let us know where you are located and if you have any other specific requirements that might be of benefit for us to know to assist following up your query.

My goods haven’t arrived, how do I check the status of my order?

The Customer Service Team is always happy to assist you with an update, you can call us or email to request for an ETA/Status update on your order.

Please ensure you have your order number ready to provide the Customer Service Team when you contact us.

You can call us anytime between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday on 03 9056 5300 and “press 1 for Customer Service’ or email customerservice@interpath.com.au for review and response by the team.

Can I order without an account & how can I get a credit account with Interpath?

You can place an order with us without a formal account which will be actioned as a cash sale.

This can be actioned by ordering via the website which will come through to Customer Service for processing or you can email us with all your requirements (see above details required under “How do I place an order with Interpath?)

The order would be a prepayment transaction and regardless of availability of goods, you would be required to pay up front for your order. Once your order is received and loaded into our system, a member of our Accounts Department will contact you to facilitate payment.

Should you wish to open a credit account with us, please request a credit application form from our Accounts Department via accounts@interpath.com.au

Trade references and other background checks of your business will be conducted to validate your details so that we can then process your application.

What if I find an issue with my invoice or goods and need to request a credit?

Credits are actioned by our Customer Service Team, after a thorough investigation is conducted pertaining to the reason you believe a credit should be raised.

The team may require additional information from you to assist with the enquiry so please ensure you have as much information as possible to provide, this will include a copy of the invoice, the purchase order your request relates to, details of what you believe has occurred in error, contact details for the relevant person for follow up regarding the query and should damage/faulty goods be part of your request we ask that photos be provided to assist.

To request a credit review, please email customerservice@interpath.com.au with the above-mentioned information so that the team can review and respond.

Can I return unwanted goods, and how do I do that?

Other than for defective Goods (where the customer notifies Interpath of the defect within fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice), goods may only be returned with the prior approval of Interpath and a restocking fee of 20% of the value of the goods may be payable by the customer to Interpath at the sole discretion of Interpath.

** No Goods may be returned without the relevant invoice number being quoted and notification with confirmation of acceptance being received from Interpath **

Depending on the circumstances around the return, you may be required to pay/arrange the freight for the return (example, you have over-ordered, you have ordered the wrong item)

Return paperwork is required to accompany all incoming stock into our warehouse, please contact Customer Service via email customerservice@interpath.com.au and detail your request so that we can review and facilitate collection & return slips.

What if goods are out of stock?

Orders received for Goods which are "out of stock" will be placed on "back order" unless otherwise requested by the Applicant. Such Goods will be consigned as soon as they become available, unless the Applicant notifies Interpath before the Goods are consigned that the Goods are no longer required.

Can I collect my stock in person from your warehouse?

Due to occupational health and safety, we do not allow customers to come and collect goods from our warehouse. As we are a large distribution centre, we are safest and most accessible by courier service. Should you not wish to pay the delivery fee for us to organise transport of goods, you can have a courier come to collect stock.

Please ensure that you notify us at the time of placing your order that you wish to do so.

Once you order is processed, we will notify you so that you can arrange with your desired transport company.

Note that we require a copy of the connote and information on when the driver is attending site so that it can be passed onto our despatch team to then anticipate the arrival of the courier to collect your goods.

What if I am not there when my delivery comes?

Interpath (or Interpath’s nominated carrier) delivers the Goods to the Applicant’s nominated address even if the Applicant is not present at the address.

If the Applicant is unable to take delivery of the Goods as arranged, then Interpath shall be entitled to charge a reasonable fee for redelivery should the items come back to us as ‘RETURN TO SENDER’

Claims by the Applicant as to non-delivery shall only be accepted within twenty-eight (28) days after despatch of the Goods.

How much is freight?

Freight is charged at AUD$50 ex GST.

Please note that this may vary should the location be remote or WA, TAS or NT.

This is charged on the first dispatch of your order.

I have a Socorex dispenser or an Ovation pipettor that requires servicing, repair and calibration, can you help?

Please refer to our Service page tab regarding where these units can be sent. Found here.

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