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GST Inclusive

Sharps Container 0.6 Litre Recycled

Product Description:
The 0.6-liter Sharpsafe container is the largest in the slimline range, making it ideal for home nursing services or first aid packs. Its compact design allows for easy storage in bags or pockets while maximizing sharps containment. The flip-top lid provides security and convenience, while the final locking feature ensures total security during transportation for final disposal. Made from low carbon footprint materials, it offers leak and puncture resistance. It is latex-free and equipped with carry handles for added convenience. Featuring both permanent and temporary closure options, it is designed for single-use applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temporary & permanent closure
  • Fill line
  • Carry Handle
  • Single use
  • Latex Free
  • Low Carbon Footprint Material
  • Leak Resistance