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GST Inclusive


Product Description:
The Inoculating Loops Soft 1UL is certified for accuracy and quality, each loop comes calibrated and free of debris, oils, and electrostatic charges for optimal surface tension. Precision-molded with smooth edges, they won't gouge agar medium during delicate tasks. Their unique, color-coded design and hexagonal shaft allow for precise indexing when streaking or spreading samples on plates, making them indispensable for critical lab tasks.

Technician Specifications:
  • Precision molded
  • Ultra smooth loops 
  • No rough plastic edges or burrs
  • Hexagonal shaft
  • Free of lubricants, oils and electrostatic charges 
Overview of COPAN:
Copan Diagnostics is a global leader in microbiology pre-analytical innovations. As a privately held organization, we swiftly translate customer needs into groundbreaking solutions. Through collaboration within the microbiology community, we advance Sample Collection & Transport, Full Laboratory Automation, Digital Microbiology, and Artificial Intelligence. Committed to continuous innovation, we aim to enhance patient care by delivering advanced technologies to clinical laboratories worldwide.