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eNAT Preservation Medium 1ml

Product Description:
ENAT Preservation Medium 1ml transport and preservation medium in a 12x80mm screw cap tube. Samples collected with Copan eNAT are suitable for commercial nucleic acid extraction and amplification platforms, facilitating various downstream processes, including molecular-based assays. Scientific literature supports its efficacy in sample collection and transport prior to different preanalytical procedures, including those related to respiratory diseases, STIs, and HPV. With storage options of up to 4 weeks at room temperature and 4°C or up to 6 months at -20°C to -80°C, eNAT® offers versatility and reliability for diverse applications.

Technical Specification:

  • High-quality nucleic acid yield
  • eNat detergent and Guanidine thiocyanate-based formula
  • Compatibe with molecular assays

Overview of Copan:
Copan Diagnostics is a global leader in microbiology pre-analytical innovations. As a privately held organization, we swiftly translate customer needs into groundbreaking solutions. Through collaboration within the microbiology community, we advance Sample Collection & Transport, Full Laboratory Automation, Digital Microbiology, and Artificial Intelligence. Committed to continuous innovation, we aim to enhance patient care by delivering advanced technologies to clinical laboratories worldwide.