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Greiner 18G X 1.5 Veterinary Needle

Product Specifications:
* 18G X 1.5 inch needle
* Sterile, single-use
* Tri-beveled, stainless steel
* Luer lock hub
Common Applications:
* Intravenous injections
* Intramuscular injections
* Subcutaneous injections
User Groups:
* Veterinarians
* Veterinary technicians
Greiner is a leading supplier of medical and laboratory products, including needles and syringes. Greiner's 18G X 1.5 Veterinary Needle is designed for use in veterinary medicine, providing a sterile, single-use solution for intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous injections. The tri-beveled, stainless steel needle is designed for maximum comfort and accuracy, and the luer lock hub ensures a secure connection to the syringe. Greiner is committed to providing the highest quality products to meet the needs of veterinarians and veterinary technicians.