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MiniCollect® offers a gentle way to collect small blood samples for a wide range of analyses. The system is perfectly suited for young children, geriatric patients as well as patients with fragile veins. MiniCollect® is also recommended in situations where venous blood collection proves particulary difficult, such as for patients with extensive burns.

Perfect for capillary blood collection. The tubes have a pierceable stop and can be included in the modern automatic tracks.
MiniCollect® is the ideal system for collecting, transporting and processing capillary blood.

MiniCollect® Complete tubes are the same MiniCollect® standard tubes, but pre-mounted in a carrier tube of 13 x 75 mm.

The practical "complete solution" offers the following advantages:

  • Not always necessary to change the settings of analysis instruments, in many cases both venous and capillary blood samples can be analyzed in the same way.
  • Fit into 13 x 75 mm racks, these can be directly inserted into the analyzer without needing to change the settings or reinsert into other racks.
  • Identification with standard label formats possible.
  • Do not require a separate centrifuge. Due to the 13 x 75 mm dimensions the tubes can be processed in a standard centrifuge.