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Greiner Petri Dish Ster 145mm x 20mm

Product Description:
The Petri Dish with vents is a versatile laboratory tool, available in standard or CELLSTAR® variants, both sterile and non-sterile. Made of clear PS (Polystyrene), it ensures optimal visibility for observations. With a volume capacity of up to 240 ml and a working volume range of 25-27 ml, it accommodates various sample sizes. Constructed without heavy metals, it undergoes rigorous quality control, including testing for DNase, RNase, human DNA, and pyrogens, ensuring non-cytotoxic performance. Ideal for single-use, it features elevations for enhanced culture ventilation.

Technician Specifications:
  • Material: Polystyrene
  • Size: 145mm x 20mm
  • Sterile: Yes
  • Single use only

Overview of Greiner:
Greiner is a leading supplier of laboratory and medical products, with a focus on providing high-quality, reliable products. Greiner has been in business for over 50 years and is a trusted supplier of laboratory and medical products to customers around the world. Greiner is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers and is an authority in the laboratory and medical product space.