Vacuette Visio Plus Needle 21Gx1"

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Vacuette Visio Plus Needle 21Gx1"

Product Description:
The Vacuette Visio Plus Needle makes a premium choice for precision and safety in medical procedures and laboratory applications. Featuring a 21G x 1 1" (0.8 x 25mm) design, this needle ensures optimal fluid transfer with its black color enhancing visibility during use. Sterile and crafted without natural rubber latex, it prioritizes patient safety and hygiene. Trust in its reliability and versatility for seamless performance in various medical and laboratory tasks, backed by stringent sterile standards for each use.

Technical Specifications:

  • Green
  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • 0.8x25mm

Overview of Greiner:
Greiner is a leading supplier of laboratory and medical products, with a focus on providing high-quality, reliable products. Greiner has been in business for over 50 years and is a trusted supplier of laboratory and medical products to customers around the world. Greiner is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers and is an authority in the laboratory and medical product space.

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