0.1 mL DuraFrame™ Rigid PCR Plate, Red

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0.1 mL DuraFrame™ Rigid PCR Plate, Red

Product Description:
The microplate features a rigid, flat polycarbonate frame designed for firm robotic grip and precise placement. Each polypropylene well ensures optimal thermal transfer and high reaction efficiency, with white well options enhancing fluorescence signals during qPCR. Raised wells allow for evaporation-proof sealing with film, foil, or strip caps. Vibrant colors offer easy sample differentiation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Polycarbonate frame for rigidity and robotic grip
  • Polypropylene wells for optimal thermal transfer and reaction efficiency
  • White wells to enhance fluorescence signal during qPCR
  • Raised wells for evaporation-proof sealing with film, foil, or strip caps
  • ANSI/SBS footprint and well spacing
  • Vibrant colors for visual distinction between samples or experiments

Overview of SSI Bio:
For over three decades, SSIbio has been dedicated to delivering top-notch plasticware for laboratory consumables in the field of Life Science. Laboratories worldwide rely on our high-quality plastic consumables for both routine research and groundbreaking discoveries. Scientific Specialties stands out as a leading innovator in Life Science, providing a range of products, including Pipette Tips, PCR, Screw Microtubes, Centrifuge Tubes, and Cryogenic Tubes, along with HTS Products and Tube Racks.

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