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GST Inclusive

Plate DuraFrame 96 W 0.2mL ASST

Product Description:
Introducing our advanced PCR plate, meticulously designed for seamless integration into automated systems. Crafted with a rigid and flat polycarbonate frame, it ensures precise robotic arm grip and reliable placement, while the polypropylene wells optimize thermal transfer and reaction efficiency. Choose white wells for enhanced fluorescence signal during qPCR, and benefit from slightly raised wells to ensure evaporation-proof sealing with various caps. With ANSI/SBS footprint compliance and vibrant color options for easy sample differentiation, this plate streamlines laboratory workflows and ensures accurate, high-throughput PCR processing.

Technical Specification:

  • Frame Material: Polycarbonate, rigid and flat for secure robotic arm grip and accurate placement
  • Well Material: Polypropylene, ensuring optimal thermal transfer and reaction efficiency
  • Raised Wells: Slightly raised to ensure evaporation-proof sealing with film, foil, or strip caps
  • Vibrant Colors: Available for easy visual distinction between samples or experiments, aiding organization and workflow efficiency.