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Scientific Specialties Freezer Rack Natural 50 Well

Product Description:
Experience versatile storage solutions with our 50-well rack in a convenient 5 x 10 format, suitable for transitioning seamlessly from freezer to bench. Crafted from rugged polypropylene, this rack accommodates tubes up to 2.0 mL in size and is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -90°C. Featuring high-contrast alphanumeric indexing, organizing and retrieving samples is effortless, ensuring efficiency in your lab workflow.

Technical Specifications:

  • Format: 5 x 10 (50 wells)
  • Material: Rugged polypropylene
  • Tube Compatibility: Up to 2.0 mL
  • Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures as low as -90°C
  • Indexing: High-contrast alphanumeric indexing