Information below is to assist with the servicing of our various product ranges.

Interpath Services offer the following for Socorex and Vistalab Pipettes and Dispensers on behalf of our customers:

  • Service with Calibration
  • Service and Repair
  • NATA Certification of Socorex Pipettes only

Please download and complete from the link below "Pipette and Dispenser Decontamination Certificate" the Decontamination Certificate that is required to accompany each unit to our Service Department.

Note that if the unit has not been correctly decontaminated and/or this Decontamination Certificate does not accompany incoming unit, service actions will not be initiated.

IMPORTANT: please include in the area provided as much detail as possible of the nature of the repairs that require assessment with each unit.

Please forward unit/s to the address noted at the bottom left of the form.

Vistalab Ovation Pipettes are sent to the Servicing Department in the US with a lead time of approximately 4-5 weeks from unit/s arrival at Interpath. Once assessed, a quote will be forwarded to you.

Socorex Pipettes and Dispensers lead time for Service and Calibration is approximately 4-6 weeks. Once assessed, a quote will be forwarded to you.

Please note that any spare parts required to repair the unit will be included on your quote together with advice of any lead time if they are not in stock.

If you decide not to proceed with a repair, there will be a $50.00 + GST Service Fee payable to Interpath Services to cover the Assessment Fee charged to us from our external technicians.

For further details regarding returns of any units for calibration or servicing please contact our Service Team at