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Bag Autoclave 50um 27cm x 63cm

Product Description:
Introducing the Autoclave Bag 50UM 27CM X 63CM – a reliable solution for medical and laboratory sterilization purposes. Constructed from a durable 50um polyethylene film, this autoclave bag, measuring 27cm x 63cm, is designed to withstand temperatures up to 121°C. Its versatility extends to compatibility with autoclaves, steam sterilizers, and various high-temperature sterilization processes. Widely utilized in medical and laboratory applications, the Autoclave Bag 50UM 27CM X 63CM ensures the safe and efficient sterilization of essential equipment.

Product Specifications:
  • Material: 50um polyethylene film
  • Size: 27cm x 63cm
  • Temperature resistance: up to 121°C
  • Suitable for autoclaves, steam sterilizers, and other high-temperature sterilization processes
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